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Personal Injury


There were nearly 60,000 automobile accidents in Maryland last year. Sadly, many of them were fatal or involved serious bodily injury. When you've been involved in accident it's imperative to have an advocate in your corner who will fight to get you what you deserve.


Negotiating with insurance companies often involves a lot of red tape and is a fulltime job in and of itself. The reality is that insurance companies make money by collecting premiums and paying out as little as possible on claims. The Law Offices of S. Everett Brown will work diligently to prepare your file and to secure an appropriate and fair settlement for your injuries from the insurance company. More importantly, when a settlement can't be reached we will fight for your interests in court.


Before you talk to an adjuster from the insurance company about your accident call The Law Offices of S. Everett Brown to help you get the money you deserve.






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