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Criminal Law


Trying to handle your own criminal case is like trying to do your own open heart surgery. It just doesn't make good sense. In today's world policies like "stop and frisk" and "zero tolerance." are eroding fundemental concepts of our individual rights and constitutional liberty


Protect yourself and your freedom by hiring The Law Offices of S. Everett Brown to defend you in criminal court. Mr. Brown has extensive experience representing both adults and juveniles in trial courts throughout the State of Maryland. Whether you need to prepare your case to be heard by a jury or to prepare mitigation for a plea, Mr. Brown will work tirelessly to present you before the court in the most favorable light possible. Our office can handle all felony and misdemeanor cases in State or Federal court.


A criminal conviction can adversely affect you for the rest of your life.  Do not wait until it's too late. Make the decision to let my experience work for you.



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